Q: I like your designs. I am wondering how well they are insulated. I live in the NWT and we get weeks and months of -40. Would these homes be able to handle that?

All our models are insulated R40 in the floors walls and roofs. The building can be placed in cold climates as well as moderate to hot climates. The insulation will be sufficient for most climates.

Q: How much would shipping run to get one up here?

Please provide us with your Zip code or Postal Code and address so that we can get an accurate delivery cost to your location.

Q: What about overhangs and shading for passive heating and cooling?

We do not provide add-ons such a awnings for passive heating and cooling. However, awnings can be assembled and placed by the end user. Please refer to your local vendor product specifics to ensure a successful fit for proper installation.

Q: What kind of foundation is recommended?

The foundation depends on the soil and terrain on which you will be placing your new MEKA home. Proper foundation configurations can be determined by consulting with your local contractor/ engineer (planning department or building department). Full drawings from our website will be available once your order has been initiated. Drawings will assist you/ contractor in determining the right foundation for the terrain on which your brand new MEKA home will be placed.

Q: Is the installation included?

We do not install your unit and/or make your foundation. We will assist you in selecting a contractor that can build your foundation and hook up your sewage and electrical systems. This has to be done by a local licensed contractor. The final installation (in most areas) needs to meet local code requirements.

Q: What additional add-ons, such as solar pv, green roof, rubber tight roof and decking are available?

All roof decks are included for each model. Please check the floor plans and specifications list. Addition options such as solar, green roof…etc is to be added by the client. We can assist you with a selection from local suppliers in your area once you have selected your MEKA model.

Q: Does the purchase price include all the electrical/water/washroom installations/connections?

New MEKA homes are shipped 90% complete. However a local contractor will need to install some items such as the toilet ,shower doors, electrical and sewage hook ups. This must be done to meet local code requirements which is jurisdiction specific.

Q: Where do you deliver to?

We ship world wide.

Q: What can I do if I find something broken inside the container when it arrives?

All MEKA home factory delivery shipments are insured. If something is broken or damaged we require that you simply fill out a damage report and send it you us. The damage will be assessed and an equitable solution will be provided.
Are there any option(s) available to me as far as material is concerned?

Q: If so, do I have to pay extra cost?

We ship your unit 90% complete (see the specifications on our website). However should you wish to have different floors or colors we can deliver the MEKA without flooring or kitchen so that the end user can install their own choice. As there are too many varieties of materials and colors this allows you to have ultimate flexibility. We ship world wide.

Q: Are you in a position to build with my own designs? What is maximum size that you can do?

We can do customization for any size project. However the cost will be quoted on a separate basis and might take longer to deliver.