MEKA was founded in 2009 by a group of architects and engineers aiming to create modular live and work spaces that could be shipped to customers worldwide. Months of research revealed that no such company existed.

MEKA invested the time, money and human resources to create such shippable modular buildings which had to conform to three main design criteria:

  • Each modular unit needs to fit the same parameters as an ISO shipping Container so that it can be transported globally via truck, ship or rail.
  • Each building design has to be contemporary and allow maximum functionality for the space provided.
  • Each building has to be able to meet the local building code so that these buildings can be permanently installed.

Now,  MEKA has delivered buildings around the world and is expanding its manufacturing plants in order to better serve local markets. We continue to innovate new modular construction and assembly techniques to create better value for our customers.

We are committed to provide global housing solutions and creating new partnerships both for MEKA distribution and manufacturing.

If you are looking to join the MEKA team as a distributor or manufacturing partner and you think you have what it takes to service your regional market contact us: info@mekaworld.com